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deep sounds
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Hey we need a music section so that we can turn people on to what we rock on - can I use that expression discussing classical - je ne c'est pas.


Amine and all those who enjoy classical music - last night  you missed a fantastic performance of Chopins work.


The 16th Chopin piano competition held in Warsaw, we saw the 5 best - what superb emotional playing - it is definately apprpriate to say the music played the pianists.


I cannot remember the name of the concert hall only to say perfect acoustics. The winner was  Juliana Ebvredev ( I may have got her surname wrong) . The runner ups played solo piano but she had the wonderful Warsaw Concerto Orchestra - spellbinding - no room to think about the music, only space to be carried away. In a way it's a shame there had to be a winner, the judges could'nt decide who should be 2nd or 3rd, so they were joint second.


What an incredible composer Chopin was. it was on the German/French Arte channel if you have sat. con it's worth tuning into this channel it's definately not for the brain dead.

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Amine Slimani
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Excellent idea! I have just added a Music section on the forums

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