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I am stealing a thread started at Head-Fi by Currawong:

This is a free music player available from

I've been trying out the Amarra Mini player for some time now. This player is the slim down version of Amarra and costs $395 with the iLock, a USB key necessary for it to work.

I have used the Amarra Mini with a low end, middle, and 2 high end systems.

I got a nice improvement with the low end system based on a Beresford TC-7520 DAC, no improvement form the middle and one of the high end systems, and some improvement from a high end system based on a Weiss DAC2.

When I read Currawong's thread I downloaded and installed the AyreWave player and tried it with the DAC2.

The system was Mac => Optical - SysConcept Cable => Weiss DAC2 => Nordost Red Dawn RCA => SinglePower Extreme - Bendix 6080 Power Tubes, RCA 6SN7  Black Glass Driver => German Maestro GMP 400.

Well I nearly fell off my chair!

I couldn't believe the improvement, it was that great.

The Bass became clearer, the mids and highs improved a lot.

It felt as I was listening to a different system.

I tried the system based on a Buffalo 24 and on a NSD 24/196 MK II and the sound was also improved.

With the Beresford TC-7520 there was a lot of distortion, I couldn't use it at all.

This isn't a perfect player.

At the end of each track it sounds like vinyl, and I can't get more than 44.1KHz 16Bit on optical, with iTunes I can get up to 96KHz 24Bit 

For a free player it's worth trying certainly has saved my a lot of money.

Thanks Currawong



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I'll have to try it, the "free" part makes it hard not to.


Happy Tunes,


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