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I have been reading a lot lately about some sensitive speakers, cos I am willing to get some monitors to pair them with my Cary 300B and Omega cross my search more than ones. The reasons are:


1. They are not that expensive

2. They use Fostex drivers

3. They are very well reviewed by many


So guys, the question is, are they that good as they write about them and what are the alternatives to them. Thing is, I am in Europe and to get them cheap up here will not be easy or at all, but in US, especially used, man, they are bargain.


Lets talk about it pls.



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Blackmore what are your Watt/Ohm/space requirements?


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My room is around 25-27m, the speakers will be like 4 m from each other, dont need mega Watts, not sure about the Ohm's, but these are Cary spec POWER OUTPUT 4/8 ohms = 15 watts/CH



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Amine Slimani
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Thanks Blackmore for bringing the Omega Speakers to our attention.

I am currently looking for compact speakers but I have been usually disppointed by most entry level monitors. They seem to lack the (top to bottom) cohesiveness that I got accustomed to with good headphones. Maybe sensitive single drivers are THE solution for what I am looking.

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