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deep sounds
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Many moons ago I was going to build a 41Hz class D amp, it did'nt happen but someone on the 41Hz forum mentioned them. I did a bit of research and was amazed at the number of steps and silent movement, absolute balance and physically movement free operation.


I still think they are the future or maybe now - the digital world is a new one for me and I would like to know what others think - BTW they are not expensive.

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Big Joe is an inexpensive example of  a D Class SS for those of us who are not DIY oriented/capable.


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deep sounds
Posts: 112

I've remembered it was a Texas Instruments design I looked at. Will try to find it again.


Actually I' surprised that more digital gear is'nt using them - why not Audio-GD - they are not expensive and I believe they can only be incorporated into digital gear.

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