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If it sounds good and measures bad, you've measured the wrong thing."


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deep sounds
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Not quite sure where to put this - it has DAC chips and is a transport.


What does the panel think about this soon to be released machine - it seems to do nearly everything.


I want to digitize all my LPs and I need a good interface between hard disc held music and my analogue hybrid amp it fulfills this nicely.


I don't want to have to buy an expensive new CD transport or unreliable old version, nor do I want to buy a new CDP and this (just) sub $1,000 machine seems to fulfil my requirements nicely.


The only part of this machine that does'nt really interest me is it's ability to play films as I have zero interest in the crap coming out of Hollywood. If I can buy digitized films from the past, fine.


The real question is have Oppo cracked the Dual ES9018 Sabre 32 bit REF DACs problems, if they have then it's a winner.


I also like the fact that firmware updates are obtained online and for free.


So, what does the panel think.

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deep sounds
Posts: 112

After a long discussion with my friend Harry up near Groningen I have to forget the Oppo 95 - why it does'nt have a digital in.


If I'm going digital for all my music I don't want to be arsed with discs of any kind.


I have just looked at the whole thread on Art of Music about the Sabre DAC and fully modded it seems to be a real winner but that is with Paul Hynes regs etc.


I wish I had the skills to make this modded DAC, I doubt if any commercial Sabre DAC can approach the level of this ineterpretation.

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